When the elevator lurches to a stop and the doors open, she can't help the shudder that runs through her. It's Sunday, late afternoon, and she's alone, but she never really feels alone when she's in the tunnels of the hospital.

Meredith Griffin manages the emergency department at St Jude Hospital. A specialist in psychiatric nursing, she's also an expert at hiding her own problems and solving everyone else's.

When women with the same fatal injury begin turning up in Meredith's emergency ward, their deaths are labelled as suicides. But Meredith isn't so sure. With the help of Senior Detective Leo Donnelly, she begins an investigation to prove that the women were murdered.

As pressure mounts from all quarters to stop her, questions arise about why the women were targeted and why the hospital is so desperate to cover things up.
In a battle against addiction, self-doubt and a corrupt institution that may be hiding a serial killer, Meredith finds herself in the crosshairs of a network of powerful people all of whom will stop at nothing to protect their privilege and the truth.

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