Skyla Merrick is always in some kind of trouble …

On light duties – investigating the theft of rock art – following a near-death experience, DS Skyla Merrick is challenged when ordered to  investigate a series of grotesque murders and weird clues.

Quickly the contours of the case take shape. Three rival groups are seeking control over a nearby mountain top. When further murders occur, Skyla realises that all the victims belong to a syndicate trying to establish a nature reserve on the mountain top. This hypothesis is shortly turned on its head by further unexpected events.

So who is the guilty party?

The entrepreneur bent on expanding his windfarm?

The mining engineer seeking a new prospect?

The local Aboriginal community protecting a sacred site?

Skyla unravels the identity of the villains, but must confront her traumas and fear of death before she can act to prevent further atrocities.

But can she catch the killer?


David Kilner

David was born in London and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, where he lives with his wife, Pauline, and two Maltese Shih-Tzu crosses. With the help of the dogs, they raised two daughters. Now retired, he spent most of his career in the social welfare sector where he became expert at writing social welfare policy and was awarded a Doctorate for his work on social housing. These days he enjoys volunteering with community organisations and writing local history studies. Many of his non-fiction works have been published, both in social welfare and in history. He began writing crime fiction several years ago and has previously published two short stories with Detective Sergeant Skyla Merrick in the lead. He is currently working on a second full-length Skyla Merrick novel featuring the detective and her colleagues Hugh Fitzpatrick and Alia O'Brien.

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9782 533398406
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