All internationally renowned "lady showbiz detective" Stella Pentangeli wants, is to solve a simple literary riddle: did William Shakespeare belong to a blood-thirsty 17th century cult which resurrected dead people? All enigmatic and brilliant Investigator Ng wants, is to find out why a relentless monster is using Shakespeare's personal recipe to make "resurrection soup" out of 21st Century citizens. As the body count mounts, all the serial killer wants is to add Stella and Ng to the menu.


Steve J Spears

Steve J. Spears was a professional writer for thirty years. He is best known as the author of one of Australia's classic plays, The Elocution of Benjamin Franklin. He has published stage plays, children's books and a collection of his essays, In Search of the Bodgie. He died in 2007.

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Series: Investigator Ng and Stella Pentangeli

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