You are about to do something you have never done before. You are about to read a poem 264 pages long. "As you read the first few pages, you will discover this is unlike any poem you have ever read. Before you know it, you will have read the first fifty pages or more, and you will find yourself unable to stop. "You will encounter things that you never expected to find in a poem - a missing person enquiry, a tough streetwise P.I. named Jill Fitzpatrick, cars that go out of control on mountain roads, murder, deception and an unforgettable femme fatale. You will find yourself reading the crime thriller of the year. "

From the pen of one of Australia's most innovative writers comes a totally unique experience. It's poetry. It's a crime thriller. It's where high art meets low life, passion meets betrayal, and poetry faces profanity on the streets of a harsh modern city. "Welcome to The Monkey's Mask..."


Dorothy Porter

Dorothy Porter was born in 1954 and grew up in Sydney and the Blue Mountains. She later attended the University of Sydney and taught creative writing at the University of Technology, Sydney. Sadly Dorothy has now died. The Monkey's Mask won the Age Book of the Year for Poetry, the National Book Council Award for Poetry and the Braille Book of the Year. It has been adapted for stage and radio and film. The book has been widely translated and published overseas. What a Piece of Work and Wild Surmise were both shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award.

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