Murder, Mystery & Magic... Who has silenced the magic mirror?

Ella Charming is a suspended Fairy Godmother trying to keep her head down in the frozen kingdom of Wyld Enchantment Woods where magic is strictly forbidden.

When a henchman turns up on her doorstep with a stolen magic mirror in his pocket and an arrow lodged in his heart, Ella is forced to get involved.

With only the aid of a tattletale talking-cat who works for the wicked Queen, can Ella find the murderer before she is blamed for theft or worse—magic?

If you enjoy non-romantic paranormal cozy mysteries full of: old lady snark, talking cats, intriguing human drama, and a delightful cast of quirky characters then the frozen kingdom of Wyld Enchantment Woods is the story world for you!

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Review Mirror, Mirror, Who's the Killer?
Karen Chisholm
Saturday, July 22, 2023

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