In kindergarten Cassidy Blair was a biter, in primary-school, she was a scrapper and in high-school, she liked to think she was a dark horse. In fact, she was a silent loner, and not in a cool way.

So when her old nemesis, the blonde, now recklessly alcoholic, bully Amantha Bluett, returns to town with some superior firepower and resentment bigger than her make-up collection, Cassidy struggles to keep her temper, and her relationship, intact.

Fortunately, despite her best efforts, she's collected a few friends along the way who manage to get her in and out of trouble faster than she can change underwear. So by the time her boyfriend Sam confesses to his own history with Amantha, Cass has perfected more than just the ideal revenge scenario, she's also got a job exposing one of the city's biggest players while wearing the tightest corset this side of Tara.

Luckily, Cassidy Blair is not someone who'd let a little breathlessness come between her and the sex, especially with someone like the annoyingly gorgeous Sam Tasker…


Kirsty Brooks

Daughter of Robert and Claire Brooks, Kirsty was born 17 Dec 1971 in Whyalla. Her family moved to Adelaide when she was four years old. She went to the Wilderness School in Medindie. A freelance writer and editor, Kirsty Brooks has a BA (Journalism) from the University of Adelaide (1994) and an Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing) from the Adelaide Institute of TAFE (1999) As well as being a full-time author, Kirsty is the director of Driftwood Manuscripts, an assessment and editing agency for writers. She has a Journalism Degree, an Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing and is Chair of the SA Writers' Centre. She has had two books shortlisted for the Ned Kelly Award, Lady Luck in 2003 for Best First Crime Fiction Novel and The Vodka Dialogue in 2004 for Best Crime Fiction Novel.

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Series: Cassidy Blair

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