'There are some concepts that are alien to the Glaswegian mind.  Salad.  Dentistry.  Forgiveness.'

Glasgow in the 1950's - not somewhere you'd choose to be unless you were born to it.  Yet Lennox, a private investigator of Canadian descent, finds it oddly congenial.  Lennox is a man balanced between the law and those who break it - a dangerous place where only the toughest and most ruthless survive.

Glasgow bookie and greyhound breeder Jimmy 'Small Change' MacFarlane runs one of the biggest operations at Glasgow's dog-racing track.  When MacFarlane is bludgeoned to death with a bronze statue of Danny Boy, his best racer, Lennox has a solid gold alibi  - he had spent the night with MacFarlane's daughter.


Craig Russell

Award-winning, best-selling and critically-acclaimed author. His novels have been published in twenty-five languages around the world. The movie rights to the Devil Aspect have been bought by Columbia Pictures. Biblical, his science-fiction novel, has been acquired by Imaginarium Studios/Sonar Entertainment, four Jan Fabel novels have been made into movies (in one of which Craig Russell makes a cameo appearance as a detective) for ARD, the German national broadcaster, and the Lennox series has been optioned for TV development.

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Review THE LONG GLASGOW KISS - Craig Russell
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
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Monday, September 20, 2010

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