Inspector Cloud Maslin investigates a murder in a prosperous leafy suburb, where the genteel sheen seems to have an underlayer of seedy distrust. The subtle stink of decadence and immorality is disturbing, when inhaled among beautiful antiques and family silver. What secrets are to be unearthed in Claremont?

Maslin takes on a new partner, Senior Sergeant Martina Williams. His fiancee leaves him for reasons he's known for some time. His peace of mind is rattled by a baffling case with a shattering conclusion.


Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli was born in Malta in the 1950s, and has lived in Australia since 1982. Her work has been published in journals, magazines, papers and reviews since 1986. Rosanne has worked as a travel consultant, lecturer, cook, heraldic artist, corporate and personal editor, tutor, business partner, manuscript assessor and slushpile reader. Among her many awards for fiction are the Patricia Hackett Prize, the Springvale, and the FAW Lyndon Hadow Award.

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Series: Cloud Mashlin

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Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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