Alex Rommel, a debonair Charleston playboy, is skeptical about online dating.  When he encounters an old college buddy by chance, he learns his friend has found love over the internet.  Tormented by demons from his past, a contentious land deal, the memories of the woman he loved, and his sexually insatiable secretary, Alex wades into the shadowy world of internet dating only to find the woman of his dreams--a French freelance journalist, Hope.  Just when he thinks he has found true happiness, Alex's relationship takes a mysterious turn, and he finds himself immersed in Hope's world--one plagued by a nagging mother, lies, and drama.  As pressures mount in the relationship and in his business dealings, Alex, torn between love and reality, finds himself questioning Hope's motivations. As the sinister web of deceit and danger slowly begins to envelop him, Alex frantically searches for the truth. Not knowing who to trust or believe, Alex finds himself trapped in a house of dark shadows. With time running out, Alex must summon the courage to face the truth before the doors close behind him and he is locked in the house of dark shadows forever.

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Blog CR - The House of Dark Shadows, Digger Cartwright
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Review House of Dark Shadows, Digger Cartwright
Karen Chisholm
Sunday, March 17, 2013

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