A twin girl learns a terrible family secret that will cause the demons lurking within her young mind to rise up and threaten her close-knit family. As a toxic element seeps into their lives they all, in their own way, struggle with feelings of distrust and helplessness.

The Fatal Path is a tense Australian drama set against the magnificence of Sydney Harbour, the ski fields of America and the famous Bisley shooting centre in England. The twins are born to wealth and idyllic pursuits, but can they overcome a truth that threatens to tear their worlds apart and why does one seek the help of a psychiatrist?

The family secret has triggered two powerful human weaknesses – the drive to hold power over another person and the need for revenge at whatever the cost.

All is not as it seems in this intelligent psychological thriller from journalist/author Shirley LaPlanche and the chill of not knowing who to trust will hold you in its grip all the way to its shocking end.

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