It was a fatal mistake for Nigel Playford to bring his beautiful sister Cynthia to the magicians’ convention at the small seaside hotel in Wales. She had no talent at all for sleight of hand, and an absolute genius for making enemies. Before the curtain could rise on the main event, she managed to upstage the entire performance by getting herself killed.

Piecing together the clues, police investigator Walsh and insurance investigator David Sayer constructed a tidy picture of the murderer—until Mrs. Charles (a.k.a. Madame Adele Herrmann), professional clairvoyante and amateur sleuth, conjured a very different vision and made the disturbing prediction that the murderer was about to strike again.

Year of Publication
Book Number (in series)
Review DEATH IN TIME - Mignon Warner
Karen Chisholm
Monday, October 1, 2007

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