In the Twenty-First Century of Our Lord, Christ the Fit, it has been illegal to be fat for three years, except in Louisiana and Alabama, where they cling to their chicken-fried-fullest-fat-cream-sodden-gumbo-dunkin'-mall-waddling-lives as if their souls depended on it. Matt Devlin is a Health Enforcement Agent. His is humdrum work, busting the eateasys selling illegal burgers and chocolate, checking weight permits, issuing tickets and looking for humonsters, the really big ones. When a beautiful woman is found dead, dressed only in sweet-scented brown (made from the rarest cocoa bean) Homicide call for help. It looks like murder, but is it also a food crime? 

Year of Publication
Review DEATH BY CHOCOLATE - Toby Moore
Karen Chisholm
Thursday, October 4, 2007

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