When masked men brutally stab one of his closest friends to death, Janusz Kiszka – fixer to East London’s Poles – must dig deep into London’s criminal underbelly to track down the killers and deliver justice.

Shadowing a beautiful Ukrainian girl he believes could solve the mystery, Kiszka soon finds himself skating dangerously close to her ruthless ‘businessman’ boyfriend. Meanwhile, his old nemesis, rookie police detective Natalie Kershaw is struggling to identify a mystery suicide, a Pole who jumped off the top of Canary Wharf Tower. But all is not what it seems…

Sparks fly as Kiszka and Kershaw’s paths cross for a second time, but they must call a truce when their separate investigations call for a journey to Poland’s wintry eastern borders.


Anya Lipska

Anya lives with her Polish husband in the East End, where the book is (mostly) located. In her day job as a producer of factual TV documentaries, Anya has worked on a dizzying range of topics from a missing Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece,to the sex lives of Neanderthals, how to clone a mammoth, and a history of Italian gardens with Monty Don. 

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Series: Janusz Kiszka and Natalie Kershaw

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