A TV reality hit. Players dying to win. Can Inspector Joe Horseman penetrate a fantasy world to stop a killer?

The Champion crew is shooting the hit TV game show near Suva. For the first time, a Fijian is competing for the million-dollar prize and the whole population is ecstatic. Except for Inspector Joe Horseman, whose TV is tuned permanently to the rugby channel.

But when a fit young finalist dies, Horseman must enter the world of the TV reality shoot to investigate. It’s a world he struggles to understand, even with the help of the Champion fans on his team. Horseman must unpick Champion’s tangle of ambition, fantasy and greed before another player is eliminated - for good. This time, he stares failure in the face.


B.M. Allsopp

I grew up in suburban Sydney, on the edge of the South Pacific Ocean. Armed with an Arts degree and eager for exotic adventure, I signed on to teach in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for two years. The Papuan children in my first primary class won my heart and that fabulous land became an absorbing interest.

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Series: Fiji Islands Mysteries

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