Crime Scene Asia : when forensic evidence becomes the silent witness contains 16 cases from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong , and one from Sydney, in which a Singaporean spent eight years in jail for a murder before being acquitted and freed because of forensic evidence - and some terrific work by Sydney barrister David Dalton SC. The book’s cases include: A Malaysian murder that police were certain that the victim’s married boyfriend had committed. But the DNA found at the scene appeared to tell a different story  A tragic fire in a Manila orphanage, after which its child victims had initially been buried without being identified. A team of scientists then used a whole palette of forensic techniques to identify the children. A Singapore case in which police had only one clue to the identity of a woman found dead in a park: the serial numbers of the implants in her teeth.


Liz Porter

 Liz Porter is a journalist who began her career in Hong Kong and then worked in Sydney, London and Stuttgart before returning to her home town of Melbourne, where she is a feature writer for the Sunday Age. She has won awards for her writing on legal issues and has published a novel. She lives with her partner, her daughter and the obligatory female-writer quota of two cats and is a hopelessly devoted fan of the St Kilda Football Club.

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