Home alone, keeping an ear out for her baby daughter who is sleeping on the floor above, Kirstie Rawlings is jolted out of her doze at the sound of a cry.  The baby monitor also relays the sound of someone speaking upstairs which results in Kirstie launching into action.  Racing upstairs, Kirstie discovers her baby safely asleep and after a tense search, does not find anyone else in the house.  The police don’t seem to believe what Kirstie has to tell them, and Kirstie’s own husband isn’t sold on her story either.  The words that Kirstie clearly heard were “Let’s take the child – and go”. If it is not her baby that is in danger, could their baby monitor be picking up the words of a nearby child kidnapper?

It’s all too disappointingly easy for everyone around Kirstie to write off her growing fears as the result of a maternally over tired mind, but this does not stop Kirstie from making her own investigations. Why does her unsettling neighbour have a basement built into his house?  And why is the whole street so quick to dismiss her concerns?

Year of Publication
Andrea Thompson
Thursday, May 3, 2018

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