She’s a brain surgeon, she’s beautiful and she desperately wants Mister Rainbow to shed some light on her husband’s past. But when he does, she wishes he hadn’t. Because what Rainbow discovers is a handless hood – and an awful lot of murders.

Rainbow’s a retro private eye who keeps himself to himself: lives (illegally) on a boat in Sydney Harbour, has no identity and frequents speakeasies. He’s also got a Nemesis called Pandora ...

The Mister Rainbow series of novels is set in Australia; the first – The Case of The Hood with No Hands – around Sydney and in a NSW country town that’s uncannily like one some readers might recognise.


C.S. Boag

The first indication that Charles Boag might have a career in fiction came in 1967 when a short story he wrote, “Aunt Maud” – a macabre tale of incest and madness – was placed third in a Sydney University competition and appeared in the university newspaper, “Honi Soit”. But since then, as he put it, “life got in the way” and he concentrated on journalism – general reporting for “The Sydney Morning Herald”, feature-writing with “The Bulletin” magazine, a couple of columns (for “Woman’s Day” and “The Bulletin”), newspaper editor (Blacktown and Parramatta Suns), and authoring a “History of Arnott’s”.  

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Series: Mr Rainbow

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Review Review - Mr Rainbow Series, C.S. Boag
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Blog CR - Mister Rainbow in the Case of the Hood with No Hands, C.S. Boag
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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