Thirteen-year-old Jamie Gilroy was the sole witness to the murder of his entire family five years ago. Now in protective custody and boarding at a special-needs school, the damaged boy hasn't spoken a word since his traumatic experience. That is, until he strays from a school excursion and stumbles upon a woman's body at the mysterious Trinity Quarry.

Inspector Max Brann, also still haunted by the unsolved family slaying, takes up this latest case in the hope that young Jamie will finally be able to communicate what he saw on the night of the murders. It's a decision he may come to regret as the new case develops into a terrifying investigation in which the perceptually sensitive boy leads the normally rational profiler down a path of the mystical and the historical.

The Boy is a crime thriller that delivers clever plotting and high emotional drama in which the inspector is forced to confront startling new truths and rely on his own ingenuity and mind-game skills if he's to survive. 


Gary L Clarke

As a writer I prefer to develop stories that blend modern technology and the modern against the mystical. My approach has been to utilize different elements of the human psyche to construct a story that takes people on a journey that’s beyond the norm. My stories hopefully cover new ground.

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Review Review - The Boy, Gary L. Clarke
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, June 7, 2016
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Review Review - The Boy, Gary L. Clarke
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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