Karen can't go on pulling stick-ups forever, but her ex-boyfriend Rossi gets out of prison any day now and she needs the money to keep Anna out of his hands.

This new guy she's met, Ray, just might be able to help her out, but he wants out of the kidnap game now the Slavs are bunkering in.  Can Karen and Ray trust each other enough to carry off one last caper?  Or will love, as always, ruin everything?


Declan Burke

Declan Burke is the author of four novels: Eightball Boogie and Slaughter's Hound, both featuring the private eye Harry Rigby; Absolute Zero Cool; and The Big O. 

Country of Origin



Series: Harry Rigby

Year of Publication
Review THE BIG O - Declan Burke
Karen Chisholm
Monday, November 26, 2007

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