From China's western-most province, near its border with Pakistan, comes this deadly ultimatum. In the White House Situation Room, the President and his team dismiss it as one of thousands of threats made against the US every week.

But CIA agent Curtis O'Connor isn't so sure. The man making the warning is Dr Khalid Kadeer, a brilliant Muslim microbiologist. As an expert on bioterrorism, O'Connor knows Kadeer isn't bluffing. So too does Kate Braithwaite. She works in a hot-zone laboratory, on the USA's own top secret biological weapons. If the results of Kate's research fall into the wrong hands, billions of people will die.

As Curtis O'Connor and Kate Braithwaite work to unravel the riddles of the Kadeer's warning and prevent a devastating attack on the world's greatest sporting event, they begin to uncover a threat more sinister than they had imagined.


Adrian D'Hage

Adrian d'Hage was born in Sydney and educated at North Sydney Boys High and the Royal Military College Duntroon (Applied Science). He graduated into the Intelligence Corps in 1967, and was later transferred to Infantry and served in Vietnam as a platoon commander, where he was awarded the Military Cross. His service in the Australian Army included command of an infantry battalion and Director of Joint Operations for Defence. In 1990 he was promoted to Brigadier as Head of Defence Public Relations. In 1994 Adrian was made a Member of the Order of Australia for services to communications. His last appointment was Head of Defence Planning for security of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, including defence against chemical, biological and nuclear threats. In October 2000 Adrian left the Army to pursue a writing career, moving to Italy to complete The Omega Scroll. He holds an honours degree in Theology, entering his studies as a committed Christian and graduating 'of no fixed religion'. Adrian is currently a research scholar at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (Middle East and Central Asia) at the Australian National University, and is also completing a further degree in Wine Science.

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