It’s a battle to keep the public’s interest in such a flash happy digital world.  Nolan Moore and his production team are suitably buoyed at the prospect of a possible sponsor coming on board to kick their work up to the next level.  It’ll mean a ridealong or two, but that’s okay.  Nolan has made something of a limping career with the filming of his natural world explorations and possesses a certain set of skills that still mean something in an age where the average concentration span of the critical public is much the same as that enjoyed by your average mosquito.  Nolan can admirably think on his feet, and the words will always flow in front of a camera when the interest is there.  Still waiting for that big break, Nolan is hopeful that this trip to the Grand Canyon might finally achieve for him (a) recognition for NOT being a crackpot and (b) some further coin to produce a fully fledged documentary series.

The latest project of their little team involves filming Nolan as he attempts to locate a cave that once caused a sensation back in 1909 when its discovery was first reported.  The legend of the cave would play well to the interwebs, and it is with this in mind that the crew are determined to make a good show of attempting to find the mysterious cave, even if they doubt that they actually will.  No one is more surprised when Nolan when they DO find the cave and no one is more disappointed when its ancient mechanics trap the crew inside.  Is it that someone wants to keep them in, or has an unseen hand led them to this cave of horrors?

Year of Publication
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Review The Anomaly, Michael Rutger
Andrea Thompson
Friday, September 21, 2018

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