It's 2005, and Walker has just entered the CIA. After a distinguished ten-years within Air Force special ops, he's re-upped to avoid a desk job. But his first job will move the front line far closer to home - his first mission is stateside. 

New Orleans, pre Katrina. Walker is sent on a mission by Harold Richter, CIA field operations legend and trainer of agents provocateur. The task he sends Walker on is a one-way ticket - survive and succeed at all costs. Walker is an off-the-grid, solo, deniable asset. 

But Walker soon finds out: he's not alone. There's a British Agent in place, a feisty MI6 operator named Steph Mensch, and she's been tracking a super yacht of Russians from Miami to the Big Easy. They're there to buy - and the asking price is huge. Soon, our spies learn that they must work together, and their missions become one and the same - and personal. 

When Steph is taken hostage, the case opens up. No one is who they seem, and soon Walker must take steps that will betray The Agency in order to do what's right by the nation. In a high-stakes game where the winner takes all, he mustsucceed. But at what cost?

Then Walker finds out: the Russians are there to buy something that was stolen from them during the Russian war in Afghanistan. Walker uses all the skills he can bring to bare as his mission heats up in more ways than one, and he knows: if he doesn't succeed, it's not only Steph and he that will be left behind - failure will result in the world suffering an epic act of terrorism.

As Katrina comes to town to forever change a city and a country, it's clear to Walker that his life as a spy will play a pivotal part in shaping our world. From Langley to Louisiana, Washington to Moscow, The Agency moves like a hurricane through a treacherous landscape of double crosses, false identities, and enemies old and new.


James Phelan

James Phelan is a Melbourne-based freelance writer who writes for a variety of publications, including The Age. He holds a Master of Arts in Writing and is currently working on his PhD. He teaches in the Swinburne University Master of Arts Writing program. James also runs James Phelan Literary Services, a business created in 2001 to cater for everything from website content to marketing material and copywriting. He lives in Canterbury, Victoria.

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