Discounts / Book Sale Offers at Clan Destine Press - Happy April

Clan Destine Press


and at Clan Destine Press headquarters

we're a bit worried about the Easter Bunny.

We're not at all sure that we can get

his nose out of

Arrabella Candellabra Cover

long enough to deliver our

Chocolate Eggs!

Dougal's too busy signing copies of

Dougal's Diary Cover

and deciding what to wear to

the launch of

When We Were Kittens Cover

to be much help at all, and

he says he's a city cat

anyway and rabbits are

NOT supposed to be the

size of Man!

Of course we could send in Bryn and her

Redback Team

Redback Cover

but we're not sure we want the

Easter Bunny frightened to death,

just on the move again.

Trying to solve this problem was one thing! The bigger problem was trying to find SOME way of sending all our lovely readers a Thank You Present at the same time.

One of the Minions, working away in their garret (that's an attic not a vegetable!) came up with a cunning plan that solves both problems - we give you a present, and we clear temptation out of the path of the Bunny with the Basket.

We've set up some special discount codes, and for the MONTH of APRIL we'd love to be able to treat you to a discount on the cover price as WELL as free shipping.

Arrabella has been discounted to $22.00, Dougal's Diary to $16.00 and Redback to $25.00.

When you purchase anyone of the books (and we hope you will come back for all of them), enter the promotion code for each book in the Shopping Cart to get your present!

Arrabella Candellabra Cover Please use the discount code: CLAN-BUNNY
Dougal's Diary Cover Please use the discount code: CLAN-DOUGAL
Redback Cover Please use the discount code: CLAN-REDBACK

Seriously, from everyone here at Clan Destine Press have a fabulous Autumn April. We hope that the Bunny delivers Chocolate, and maybe goes a tiny bit Scandinavian on you at the same time!

"Reading crime stories and detective novels during Easter is a peculiar national trait in Norway. In order to cash in on this national pastime, publishers churn out series of books known as "Easter-Thrillers" or Påskekrimmen. TV stations, radio and newspapers also jump on the bandwagon by running detective series based on the works of famous crime novelists such as Agatha Christie, P.D. James, Simenon and Ruth Rendell.


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