#amreading Shafts of Strife, David Bates

Started this NZ based story on the weekend.

From the Blurb:

The New Zealand government – led by autocratic Prime Minister Wynyard Nairn – approves the establishment of a USA naval facility, and in the middle of Wellington’s pristine harbour.

Given the anti-nuclear stance in the country, all hell breaks out!

Daily protests and rallies occur and threats of mayhem are made. Within days anarchy rules; Parliament is occupied, the US Embassy is attacked and two die, a major TV communications tower is destroyed and central Wellington is blockaded. But when the International Airport is forced to close, the situation reaches crisis point.

The Prime Minister – under increasing pressure from the scale of continuing protests – attacks the Police, threatening to remove their independence and bring in the army.

Will Nairn change his mind, is he even listening?

… or will it be up to the people?

A story of democratic power and protest!

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