Thank you to everybody who entered the last competition on AustCrime - for a copy of Dave Franklin's slightly mad English Toss on Planet Andong. He's giving away three copies, so the lucky winners are:

Jenifer Nightingale-Ethier Canada

Sally Roddom NT, Australia

Gary Svoboda NE, USA


Next Up - I've got a copy of Katherine Howell's terrific second book The Darkest Hour to give away so stand by for the announcement of that competition.


'Don't you realise you can get by without other people?  They're the ones who make you sad.  They're the ones who let you down, who disappointyou.  And a troubled heart's such a chore.'

Every year, thousands of people travel to faraway lands to to teach English as a foreign language.  The fools.  One such expat is Paul Taylor, a heartbroken Aussie looking for a fresh start in a South Korean classroom.  The lack of training isn't much of a help, but it's the baffling natives and unhinged flatmates that really start to convince him he's crash-landed in another galaxy.

And on Planet Andong, no one can hear you scream.

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