Tower of Silence by Sarah Rayne(link is external) - Pocket Books (2004), Paperback, 491 pages
tags: Crime
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I actually went out and bought two of Sarah Rayne's books recently - Spider Light is the latest of her books that I read for review a while ago and loved it - so I'm looking forward to seeing what these two are like.

Of course I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for comments - Mt TBR is in danger of eclipsing Everest at the moment - I really have got to get some reading done!

Year of Publication

Selina March has lived in the remote Scottish hamlet of Inchcape for nearly 50 years. When she reluctantly takes in a paying guest, her secluded life changes forever. Crime writer Joanna Savile has come to interview the inmates at nearby Moy, the asylum for the criminally insane. Her secret aim is to question former child murderer, Mary Maskelyne, Moy’s most infamous patient. Joanna’s prying will yield unexpected results, for although they have never met, Selina March and Mary Maskelyne are connected by a shared family tragedy—an act of unspeakable cruelty that took place in India 50 years earlier.

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