R.M. Davey, a twenty-five year old Bendigo local, has recently published his first book, ‘Rick Dunlop Cases: The Maclay Murder and Other Mysteries’.

‘Rick Dunlop Cases’ follows the unethical crime investigation tactics of an ex-DI called Rick. After the Victorian Police find Rick ‘mentally unfit for active duty’, he begins working for a private investigation company, Fitzroy Fields, where he is assigned to some extraordinary and downright bizarre cases. Crown Casino conspiracy, family secrets, adulterers, pathologists, closet cases and left wing rapists; ‘Rick Dunlop Cases’ is destined to cause a stir. The reader can step out of their comfort zone, escape the political correctness that smothers us, and rediscover the rebel within themselves.

Published by A&A Book Publishing

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Ex DI Rick Dunlop is forced to write his memoir for his guidance counsellor after a certain case for the Victorian Police finds him "mentally unfit for active duty" and turns him into a social outcast.  Ten months on, he has managed to find gainful employment with Jeff, another cast-off from the ranks of the esteemed men in blue, and now the proprietor of Fitzroy Field investigations.

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