The Ned Kelly nominations for 2010 have been released: is external)

(Links to available reviews included).

Best first fiction
Kaaron Warren, Slights best fiction
Maria Quinnn, The Gene Thieves
Karen Taylor, Hostage
Rhonda Roberts, Gladiatrix
Antoinette Eklund, Steel River 
Stephen M Irwin, The Dead Path 
Mark Dapin, King of the Cross 
Marianne Delacourt, Sharp Shooter 
Andrew Croome, Document Z 
Bruce Mutard, The Silence
Justine Larbalestier, Liar
Colin McLaren, On The Run  ** Reading this at the moment
Brett Hoffman, The Contract
Adair Robin, Death & the Running Patterer
Emma Boling, Riding High

Best Fiction
Andy Semple, Eden Prime ** Need to write up my review on this one
Lenny Bartulin, The Black Russian
Barry Ward, The Nelson Conspiracy
Alex Palmer, Labyrinth of Drowning 
Tara Moss, Siren
Wendy James, Why She Loves Him 
Wendy James, Where Have You Been?
Peter Temple, Truth
Garry Disher, Wyatt
Garry Disher, Blood Moon 
Michael Robotham, Bleed For Me 
Philip McLaren, Murder In Utopia 
Fiona McIntosh, Beautiful Death 
David Owen, No Weather For a Burial 
Steven Lang, 88 Lines about 44 Women
Bruce Pascoe, Bloke
Barry Maitland, Dark Mirror
Karry Greenwood, Forbidden Fruit
Peter Corris, Torn Apart
Catherine Jinks, The Reformed Vampire Support Group
Sydney Baur, Trust of the Matter
Kathryn Fox, Blood Born
Katherine Howell, Cold Justice

Best True crime
Peter Doyle, Crooks Like Us 
Robert Wainwright & Paola Totaro, Born or Bred?
Tony Reeves, Getting away With Murder 
Tony Reeves, Two Political Murders 
Paula Hunt, Outlaw Son: The Story of Ned Kelly
Jack Marx, Australian Tragic
Kathy Marks, Pitcairn Paradise Lost
Esther McKay, Forensic investigator
John Kerr, Hit Men
Clive Small & Tom Gilling, Blood Money
Robert M. Kaplan, Medical Murder 
Adrian Tame, Deadlier Than The Male 
Mick Gatto & Tom Noble, I, Mick Gatto
Colin McLaren, Infiltration
Victorian Ombudsman, George Brouwer, Investigations into the Alleged
Improper Conduct of Councillors at Brimbank City Council


Oh dear - more catching up to do.

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