Unless you've been ignoring my ramblings, you may not be aware of how blown away I was by El Dorado.  I doubt it's a book I will forget in a long long time - luckily.  I also haven't put it away on the shelves - it sits where I can pick it up occasionally and re-read a little bit.  It's a stunningly good book.  And himself recently read it - after Dorothy's session at the Crime & Justice Festival, he started reading the book in between sessions, and promptly finished it in the following days.  His comments recently posted can be read on dev/random(link is external).


There is a serial child killer stalking the streets of Melbourne.

The victims are killed gently, lovingly, a gold mark traced on their forehead.

This killer doesn't hate children.  This killer believes in childhood innocence at any cost.

Unflinching and morally uncompromising, El Dorado is the story of a friendship under siege, and the very long shadows that jealousy and betrayal can cast.  It is both a complex thriller and a compelling reading experience from Australia's maverick and most versatile poet.

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Submitted by Karen on Wed, 06/08/2008 - 07:15 pm