One day I'll catch up with the books I'm supposed to be reading.  Okay, so it's a fools dream, but one can only hope.  Splinter's been on the list of books that I should be reading fora while, and I'm making a serious effort to do some catching up over the next couple of months as we head into winter (fingers, toes and everything crossed for some of that rain in NSW and QLD to head out here to Western Victoria!)

From the Blurb

A young boy has been found dead in the basement of his home.  His parents are two of the biggest names in Hollywood.  For this family there are no happy endings (see the book page for the rest of the blurb).

Opening Lines

The young boy, covered with blood, cried quietly.  It was a delicate spatter, but there was enough of it to cover his face and hair and the upper part of his body.  The desert sand whipped into the air by the hot Santa Ana winds clung to his skin and T-shirt.  Tears fell slowly down his cheeks, dripping into muddy brown rivulets on the ground.  It wasn't his blood.

Year of Publication
Book Number (in series)

Special Agent Sarah Reilly has just been decorated for bringing down one of America's worst serial killers.  Refusing extended leave, she goes straight back to work in the Boston field office.  But the murder of a child, Milo Kane, sees her transferred to LA to head up the FBI's investigating task force.

Within weeks, public sympathy for Milo's parents splinters into suspicion, and the LA District Attorney rides the wave against them.  Sarah suspects that the parents are withholding something and when she discovers their former bodyguard is missing, she inches closer to finding answers.

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