Shortlisted for the Glen Dimplex New Writer's Award in 2008, you can find out more about The Semantics of Murder at is external)

From the Blurb:

Jay Hamilton lives in a fashionable area of London, listening to the problems of the wealthy clients who frequent his psychoanalysis practice.

Opening Lines:

When Jay opened his front door, Cora slunk past him down the hallway like a sleepwalker groping through a familiar terrain.  Rainwater dripped from her coat sleeves onto the wooden floor.  She sank into the couch as if falling backwards from a great height, head bowed, chin almost touching her breastbone.  Jay could smell her despair.

Year of Publication

Jay Hamilton lives a comfortable life in fashionable west London, listening to the minor and major dysfunctions of the over-privileged clients who frequent his psychoanalytic practice. But the darker recesses of his own psyche would not stand up to close examination: his brother Richard, a genius professor of mathematical linguistics, was apparently killed by rent boys in Los Angeles and Jay was the first on the scene.

Author Dana Flynn is determined to scratch beneath the surface while researching a biography she intends to write about Richard, and finds that Jay’s professional life is as precarious as his personal relationships – he uses his clients’ case studies as material for his fiction writing.

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