Debut book - high tech bank robbery!

From the Blurb:

A bank in Los Angeles, assumed to be impregnable, has its valuable taken. No idea how or when the crime was committed.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, a woman is kidnapped but her husband does not alert authorities for three days. Why?

With no clues to go on for either case, the FBI brings in consultant Kip Keplar to offer a different perspective. As the victims come forward to pass on information of what was stolen, the list of ever-increasing valuable items reveals the expedited need to retrieve the vaults contents. Included in the bounty is property belonging to modern-day titans. They want their stuff back – now! Gone too is a mysterious, antique gem with a fascinating story that goes along with it. Most importantly, vital US government military secrets were taken. Why were they there?

So now it becomes a race against time, to not only find out how they did it, but where they went and how to recover the goods. The orders from the highest levels of the US government are crystal clear; recover the military documents or destroy them. Whatever it takes.

It’s a guessing game as to where the crooks are and who will end up with the goods, revealed only in the gripping finale.

Year of Publication

Kip Keplar is intrigued by the perfect bank robbery. Whoever pulled it off slipped away with a mysterious ancient gem, property belonging to modern-day titans and US military secrets.

The authorities know "what" was taken and "why" (greed - why else?) but no clue as to "when", "how" or by "who".

Retrieving this bountiful treasure-trove at all costs is an understatement. Wits are matched and tested and lives are on the line as the clock counts down, and there is no time to lose, for both the hunters and the hunted.

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Submitted by Karen on Mon, 20/04/2015 - 07:06 pm