If somebody could tell me why I'm so disorganised and let things like this linger on Mt TBR for too long I'd appreciate it.

From the Blurb:

On the Irish border, Inspector Celsius Daly investigates human trafficking and a scorched corpse

Named one of 2012's 10 best crime novels by Kirkus Reviews, Disappeared is the haunting tale of Northern Ireland where the Troubles may never have ended.

Perceiving two mysterious and violent incidents as a sign of something much larger, Inspector Celcius Daly knows an old hatred is resurfacing, and a bloodbath broods ahead. Until now, Emerald Isle experienced its first taste of peace, and it is up to a Catholic detective (in a Protestant nation) to restore that peace and solve a murder, digging deep into the garish history of a land stained red with blood.

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In Northern Ireland’s darkest corner, the Troubles have never ended

Though bombs no longer rock Belfast, for some the fight goes on. Retired Special Branch agent David Hughes disappears after looking into the previously closed case of Oliver Jordan, who went missing at the hands of the IRA decades ago. Soon after, a former spy is found bludgeoned to death, the day after placing his own obituary in the newspaper. Beneath Northern Ireland’s modern calm, ancient jealousies threaten to rend the country asunder once more. A Catholic detective in a Protestant nation, Celcius Daly knows too well the agonies of sectarian strife. To solve this string of murders, he must reach decades into the past, confronting a painful history that Ireland would prefer to forget. 

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