Okay well more accurately I should say just finished - The Death Chamber by Sarah Rayne - I should have included a note about this book a week ago as I've been reading it for a while. 

"Georgina read the letter a second time - and then a third - because it was so extraordinary there was a strong possibility she had misunderstood it.  The heading was impressive.  In ornate lettering, it announced itself as being, 'The Caradoc Society for the pursuit of knowledge of psychic phenomena and the paranormal.  Founded 1917."

Full review to come as soon as I've had a chance to think it through

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Calvary Gaol, standing bleak and forbidding on the Cumbrian hillside, exerts a curious hold over Georgina Grey. For her family's history is closely bound up in its dark and terrible past. It's there that her great-grandfather worked as a prison doctor in the 1930s; where his involvement in a bizarre experiment would change the course of his life forever. TV presenter Chad Ingram is fascinated by Calvary too. For he plans to conduct a new experiment in the now-disused gaol - an experiment that will take place in the brooding desolation of the old execution chamber. Chad's experiment and Georgina's curiosity will have horrifying consequences. For someone has their own reasons for suppressing the shocking truth about Calvary. Someone who will go to any lengths to ensure the past remains buried . . .

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