When Sergeant John White, mentor, saviour and all-round good guy, is murdered during a routine call-out, the tight-knit world of Tasmania Polie is rocked to the core.

An already difficult investigation into the death of one of their own becomes steeped in politicial complexities when the main suspect is identified as Aboriginal and the case, courtesy of the ever-hostile local media, looks set to make Palm Island resemble a Sunday afternoon picnic in comparison.

Opening Lines:

Prologue:  11.32pm  Detective Inspector Richard Moore cast a final, lingering eye over the large brown paper bag on his desk before steadying himself and carefully peeling the tape off with his gloved hands.  A lump rose in his throat as he gently removed the dead man's possessions one by one and laid them on the desk before him.

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Set in Tasmania, Australia, The Brotherhood begins as a respected cop, Sergeant John White, is murdered during a routine callout. As the investigation unfolds through the eyes of the sergeant's colleagues, friends, family, enemies and the murder suspect himself, it becomes clear that there was a great deal more to John White than meets the eye.

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