Seriously good title isn't it.  And it's got one of those opening sequences which just grab you. 

From the Blurb:

Incident:  A young man dies falling from a tall building

Place:  Stockholm

Date:  22 November

Time:  Between 19.56 and 20.01

Temperature:  Below zero

Verdict:  Suicide

Or is it?

Opening Lines:

It was Charlie, age thirteen, who saved the life of Vindel, age fifty-five.  At least that's how VIndel described it at the preliminary police hearing.

Year of Publication

It begins with the apparent suicide of a young American student in Stockholm. What is at first an open and shut case of suicide quickly leads to a complex web of international espionage, treachery and ultimately the legendary murder of the Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme. Dogged by the incompetence of their colleagues and the murkiness of the political aspects of the case, a few good and honourable policemen must make their way through a world of corruption, violence and prejudice if they are to survive and discover the truth behind the greatest trauma to hit Sweden in living memory.

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