This book is flagged as the first book in an exciting and unique series set in Kenya - with a crime-busting due of Jake and Jouma who are a breath of fresh air amongst crime thriller heroes.  It's a bit hard to tell if I agree yet as I've only read the blurb - but I'm starting this book today :)

Opening Lines:

As a boy, George Malewe had gutted thousands of fish for the white men who came to catch game off the coast of Mombasa.  But, as he plunged the blade of his favourite teak-handled filleting knife into the soft underbelly and eased it upwards through the stomach wall with a smooth, practised sawing movement, it struck him that he had never before gutted a white man.

Year of Publication
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Ex-Flying Squad cop Jake Moore runs a game fishing business, but when Mombasa detective Daniel Jouma asks for his help in solving a baffling murder case, he cannot help but become involved. The mangled body of a street criminal has been washed up on the beach and a fishing boat skipper and his bait boy have blown up in the water.

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