Proving yet again how desperately desperately desperately behind in my reading I am ... I've had this book lurking for a while now. Rectifying my tardiness now.

From the Blurb:

An English backpacker heads north for sun, women and a shot at making a fortune working the prawn trawlers. Mick is looking for adventure, but hitching a ride with the enigmatic Dan leads him into more trouble than even the most reckless traveller could hope for. As the pair speed their way thorugh the apocalyptic landscape, in a spiral of escalating violence, Dan reveals the world as seen through his eyes, and exposes Mick's true nature.

Year of Publication

In Stephen Sewell's apocalyptic thriller, Mick, an English backpacker, is heading North for the sun, the sex and the chance of making his fortune on the prawn trawlers plying the gulf. When he hitches a ride with the enigmatic Dan, a man with his hand on the wheel and his eye on the rear vision mirror, he isn't quite sure what he's letting himself in for, but he came to Australia looking for adventure. Well, he wouldn't be standing on a back road with his thumb out if he didn't. Only Dan is something else, from a place Mick never even dreamed of, and as the pair thread their way through the torn, broken landscape, in a spiral of escalating violence, he teaches Mick lessons he never wanted to learn, and shows him parts of himself he'd rather never seen.

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