1.  Your latest book "Unkind Cut" is labelled a culinary murder mystery.  What influenced you to write books in that famous cozy / culinary type of style?

I label these 2 books ( the 1st of this series is "UnJust Desserts") culinary murder mysteries because much of the action takes place in a foodstore and I have included the recipes for the food my major heroine Olivia Beaumont cooks. However, I understand that I have broken certain rules that pertain to 'cozy ' mysteries. eg I have sex scenes and violence.  I was interested in the effect crime has on a small community, and interested in using that community as a microcosm of a rapidly changing country where development can get out of hand.

2.  In "Unjust Desserts" your central investigating character, Detective Richard Brumby, comes into a small coastal village to resolve the murders.  How did you develop that character and what did you think happened to him when he was placed in that small town location.

My character Richard Brumby lives in this small community and thus is drawn into those crimes through sheer proximity.  It also happens that his marriage is slowly breaking up, so I am also able to explore character development and relationships.I hadn't originally intended hm to be as important as Olivia, but he quickly took over.

3.  Do you read much Australian crime fiction? Can you give us a few standouts that you've read recently? What do you think of the current state of the Australian crime fiction scene?

I have to admit that I'm naughty in that these days I don't read enough crime fiction. I did for a very long while, but now find myself turning to other genres. I would however advocate Aussie crime as being the amongst the best, and that includes crime for Young Adults such as what Hazel Edwards writes. I am currently completing the 1st of a crime series for older children called "A~Z PI's" that involves the inexplicable firing of cypress hedges.

4. What do you think could be done to better promote Australian authors either at home or abroad (or both)?

Gosh, I don't know. We all do our best in this PR game. There's a fine line betwen blowing one's own trumpet and becoming an embarrassment. Maybe we need more people like you. You are doing a splendid job. It was suggested that I put my 1st chapters on youtube, but I have them up on my website:
(link is external)

I am presently considering recording "UnJust Desserts" as a CD. People spend so much time in their cars, short chapters lend themselves to dashing between red lights.

5. If your fictional character could meet any fictional character who would you like it to be and why?

Perhaps my cook/ caterer Olivia Beamont who is inadvertedly involved in several murders would like to meet Elizabeth David. Seems that Elizabeth had a very intereresting life, though no murders that we know of.

Goldie is the author of at least 23 books (including the Olivia Beaumont books, as well as a wide range of children's literature.  The latest in her culinary murder mystery series - UnJust Desserts is now available.

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