This March wrap up is, of course, late. But then, I'm the reader and a lousy blog writer. The books that are keeping me distracted are written by those writer type people. This month has been an interesting bag of ups and downs, highlights and potential. Apologies to those for whom I'm very late with reviews. It's been ridiculously hectic in these parts - what with himself overseas, and the ongoing "dry spell". (Lovely bit of spin that, nicely pitched as a tad of an inconvenience rather than the actuality of bugger all rain for 10 months and counting).

Started out this month with a "treadmill book", ie one that's designed to distract you from the godawful tedium of "exercise" (okay so a gentle stroll) - Hal Spacejock by Simon Haynes is one of those series I've been meaning to read for years. Turned out to be a perfect distraction albeit not crime fiction.

From there, Murder with the Lot by Sue Williams, set not that far up the road from me (albeit in a fictional town) this is a debut book that tried a little too hard, but is worth reading.

An excellent series of short stories which was extremely entertaining - The Toe Tag Quintet by Matthew Condon is highly recommend.

Second book from UK / Australian author Tony Berry, Washed Up is a very good lone wolf, accidental PI styled book.

For an unusual concept, very well executed - The Trusted by John M Green stood out.

True Crime this time and Call Me Cruel by Michael Duffy is one of those books that has a damn good try at explaining the utterly inexplicable.

Finally, Roll With It by Nick Place which really was very enjoyable and bodes well (I hope) for a good ongoing series.


There were also quite a few local books that I read during March that I still have to finish writing up. Which I will. They include one of my favourites for the month Red Dirt Talking by Jacqueline Wright and, in order that they were read, Murder on Display by Reece PocockThe Robbers by Paul Anderson and The First Shot by Patricia Kristensen.


That's just the local books from March - there were a few from other locations as well which you can catch up on at the recent posts listing here.

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