Before anyone groans and ducks for cover - we all know that Top 10 lists depends on what second of the day that you pick your Top 10, but Catherine Sampson's list in The Guardian(link is external) highlights some books that deserve mention - Top 10 or not!

Wander over for a look at the range of selections and see how many you can tick off - either in your MtTBR or that you have read.  I chastened to admit I don't have any of Catherine's own books, but in her top 10 I'm slightly more relieved to note that some I've got and some I've even read!

Got but not read:

Death of a Red Heroine by Qiu Xiaolong
Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra
Out by Natsuo Kirino
All She Was Worth by Miyake Miyabe


Inspector Imanishi Investigates by Seicho Matsumoto
  (I must admit I was surprised to not see Points & Lines mentioned which I thought was fabulous)
The Quiet American by Graham Greene
Jack the Ladykiller by HRF Keating (I'd forgotten all about this book - I wonder if this is one of the earlier versions of crime in Verse?)

But the absolute worst part about these lists is that I realise how many many many books there are that I haven't read yet and I can't for the life of me work out how I'm going to find the time to do this......

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