The follower of this blog will realise that I'm not prone to personal posts, but I need to apologise.

I'm very very behind with reviews, mentions, comments and generally things that those kind enough to send me review books would expect.

It's been busy. It's been another appalling summer - we've struggled with livestock welfare in shocking, draining, life-sucking heat and ongoing problems with absence of meaningful rain. That has impacts all the way up the line as it's bloody exhausting hand carting buckets of water and feed around, to say nothing of the constant monitoring and moving of birds in and out of areas (in and out of the house on occasions) in an attempt to keep them alive.

More on topic, for those that don't know, I'm a Committee Member of the Australian Crime Writers Association and we've just opened submissions to the awards. This normally entails an enormous amount of paperwork, emailing, recording, notation, sorting and basically mucking about with getting everything set up for the Judges to do their thing. This year the load on a few has been greater as we've had a few vital Committee Members step away to concentrate on important personal goals. On the upside, albeit at the last minute because of pressures of a million other things, we've started reworking our systems into something that provides those of us struggling with all the bits of paper and the piles of submissions a bit easier.

Which means I've been frantically busy elsewhere. Ridiculously busy it turns out and it's affecting everything. Reviews. Updates on reading. Reading itself. If it's any consolation the floor here is desperately in need of a vac and don't get me started on the pile up of dishes.

But we're getting there and normal service may resume soon. Or I might just curl up in a corner and rock a bit. Either way, everything's on a to do list ... somewhere and I will get to it. Apologies.


Submitted by AJ Blythe (not verified) on Thu, 01/03/2018 - 04:22 pm


Lurker here. Appreciate what you do here and in ACWA. Fingers crossed for rain. Good luck with everything!

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Submitted by Karen on Thu, 01/03/2018 - 07:02 pm