The Secret of the Garden: Criminal? Surgeon? Jockey? Friend? (Wakefield Crime Classics) by Arthur Gask - Wakefield Press (1999), Paperback, 214 pages [Our New Books - LibraryThing]

The Wakefield Press Classic Crime series is one of those ones that I can pick on a bookshelf from a mile away (can't read the titles when I get up close without my glasses mind you!) but I can pick that book spine.

I'm really trying to get my hands on all of these books as they were great reprints of fantastic old books - The Secret Garden is one I've not got so I was very pleased to pick up a copy recently.  One more of the Series down - lots more to go.

Year of Publication

'Anyone with money is a god, anywhere.  Here, you may be the biggest, vilest, ugliest, moste diseased blackguard in the state, but if there's cash behind you, you're respected.' John Archibald Cups is a bitter young man.  Falsely accused of embezzlement by his banking employers, he's turned against respectable Adelaide, where the hypocrisy of the racecourse rules. Protected by his false face, false identities, and false fortune, he's racing to out-jockey the hounds of the law.

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