Martin Simpson

Martin Simpson has been enthusiastic about writing and drama from an early age. He was bitten seriously by the movie bug while crew doctor on the classic movie 'The Blue Lagoon', starring Brooke Shields. He has studied stage writing and directing under Timothy Daly, award winning Australian playwright. Now Head of Production at Ompyx Communications, Martin’s cutest creative outburst is the iPhone App. 'Babe on a Beam', a children's balancing game,now available through the Apple App store. In 2005 he co-produced a series of documentaries on modern Australian aboriginal personalities for French television, 'The New Faces of Aboriginal Australia'. He has script edited feature films including the 'on-water' chiller, 'Visitors', starring Radha Mitchell. He has written and directed several short films, including the multi-award winning 'McGuffin of Love', and in 2006 he wrote, produced, and directed the feature film 'Gene-X', a sci-fi hospital thriller which screened at the Cannes Marche du Film in 2006 and at the London - Australian Film Festival in 2007. He is presently developing another feature film, the neo-noir thriller, 'Indigo Lake'. His previous novel, the thriller 'Brains' is available on

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