Gary Tippett

Gary Tippet was a press secretary with the Victorian State Government before joining The Sunday Age in 1993. Moving to The Age in 1998, Gary has covered some of Australia's biggest stories, including the East Timor crisis 1999-2000, the Thredbo ski resort landslide and Queensland's Moura coalmine collapse. He has won three Quill Awards for feature-writing - for Portrait of a Killer, about Martin Bryant, for Sudden Impact, a special report that followed crash victim Melinda Cole, and most recently in 2006 for April's Story, about a young woman's survival of a car accident. He has also been awarded three Victorian Law Foundation Legal Reporting awards. Gary was the first Australian to be named an Ochberg Fellow by the US-based Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma. With colleague Ian Munro he is author of Writing on Gravestones, (HarperCollins 2001).

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