Colin Dillon

Code of Silence, Colin Dillon & Tom Gilling

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Code of Silence
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True Crime
Allen & Unwin
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#amreading Code of Silence, Colin Dillon with Tom Gilling

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One from a long weekend pretty much spent reading.

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The powerful true story of the first police officer to lift the lid on police corruption in Queensland and what then happened to him.

'Wherever there is power and money, there is always the risk of corruption. But everyone has a choice: to become involved or to take a stand against it.'

Colin Dillon is an extraordinary man. He was the first Indigenous policeman in Australia. But that is actually a very small part of his story.

Colin Dillon

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Dillon, Colin

Colin Dillon joined the Queensland police force in 1965 (before the 1967 referendum, which supposedly offered Aboriginal Australians full and equal citizenship). He worked within that system for almost four decades and became the first commissioned Indigenous Police Inspector in Australia. He still lives in Queensland.