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The Job
Fox & O'Hare
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The third book in the exciting and suspenseful Fox and O'Hare series from Janet Evanovich, No. 1 bestselling author of the iconic Stephanie Plum novels, and Lee Goldberg, bestselling author of the Monk series. Catching bad guys is what Special Agent Kate O'Hare does. Working side-by-side with them... not so much.

When the FBI teamed her up with master criminal Nick Fox, they gave her no choice. Now the ex-Navy Seal has a world-class conman as a partner, and keeping track of him is a full-time job. Especially when Fox is caught on camera stealing a priceless work of art, taking him right from being the FBI's most covert operative, back to the top of America's most-wanted. Only Kate suspects all is not what it seems. Nick Fox is no common thief, and snatch and grab just isn't his style.

Someone is setting him up, and it's down to Kate to figure out why - before Nicolas Fox, master of disguise, is beaten at his own game. Lies, hustles and high-stakes take-downs: it's all in a day's work when Fox and O'Hare get THE JOB . . .

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Janet Evanovich, creator of the popular Stephanie Plum series, and Lee Goldberg, creator of the Monk TV series, have teamed up. This is their third outing together but no familiarity with the previous two books is required to thoroughly enjoy this instalment. What is required is an ability to seriously suspend your disbelief and just go with the flow as these books are as much fantasy as crime.

Kate O'Hare is a gung-ho FBI agent. Little does the world know that she has managed to catch notorious con man and thief Nick Fox and he now works with her. At the start of The Job, someone is impersonating Nick to carry out brazen heists around the world. Kate immediately knows that Nick is not to blame because he is too smart to be caught on camera. This series of robberies is just the lead-in to the hunt for an elusive and violent Columbian drug lord who has changed his face and identity. Kate and Nick put together a team to carry out a spectacularly elaborate con to bring the man to justice.

The Job is full of fast cars, expensive art, five-star hotels and fine food. It is a fantasy heist novel in which a team with seemingly unlimited resources, create an illusion to ensnare a bad guy. It's all good fun. There is the obligatory sexual tension between Kate and Nick, particularly when they have to play at being a married couple. There is a fair amount of action. And there is a healthy disregard for authority in order to do the right thing.

The Job is the third book in this series but not having read the first two instalments is no impediment to picking this one up. Overall, if you like this type of thing, this is a perfect summer beach book.

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