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Holy Death
Inspector West
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Murder. Arson. Revenge. 

Detective Inspector West investigates the grisly deaths of two elderly priests: one in a suspicious fire; the other obviously murdered. 

The inspector is not the only one hunting the priest killer. 

If you like murder mixed with mystery and conflict, you’ll probably love the suspense and intrigue in Peter Mulraney’s Holy Death, the third book in his Inspector West series.

Book Review

Grabbed a copy of this after seeing it on the list of Ned Kelly entrants for 2017 - without paying a lot of attention to the category it was entered in. (I've been cherry-picking from the list when I see a copy of the book available anywhere). I have to confess I went back and checked as I thought it was a debut novel, and was having a bit of trouble reconciling some elements. HOLY DEATH is the 3rd in the, I believe, self-published Inspector West series.

I have to confess I absolutely struggled with this one. Formal in dialogue style, I couldn't get the timeframe straight in my head - if asked I'd say this was an historical series, set a long time ago. Which it probably isn't. With what felt like a very wordy style, there's back story there, but still there's something about Inspector West that didn't quite jell with this reader. Hence the feeling that it may have been a debut - which it obviously isn't. 

As with all these things, other reader's mileage will vary dramatically.

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