THE PHILLIP ISLAND MURDER - Vikki Petraitis and Paul Daley

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The Phillip Island Murder
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The Phillip Island Murder' tells the story of a popular and attractive 23-year-old lady- who was the victim of a cold hearted murder. It was a murder that Phillip Island will never forget. Since writing 'The Phillip Island Murder' over a decade ago- the authors have been contacted regulary by people wanting to know more about the case. Maybe now something will eventuate.

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Started reading THE PHILLIP ISLAND MURDER ages ago, tidied up one day and promptly couldn't find the book to finish it. (Goes to prove that housework is dangerous and frankly bloody annoying as I wanted to read this book.) Rather relieved that after 12 months of idly moving things around, I finally managed to find it again. So I sat down and re-read cover to cover.

Petraitis and Dale have written an extremely good true crime book. It's well researched, reasoned and thoughtful, and the case deserves a light held up to it. Alas, unlike the blurb hopes, I don't think anything has eventuated. Interesting article about the writing can be found here:

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