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Jane Blonde Sensational Spylet
Jane Blonde
Janey Brown
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'Until now, you have been just plain old Janey Brown.  But you are going to grow and grow.  You will be what your parents have not allowed you to be.  It's in your past.  And it's in your future.  There's a whole new part of you just waiting to burst out.

You are JANE BLONDE - sensational spylet.  Welcome to our world.'

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THIS REVIEW Written by Chloe:  10 years old  note:  Chloe kindly agreed to read this book and write a review for me.

The book is about a young girl who becomes a fabulous spylet. I didn't like the book at the beginning but then I liked it when Janey Brown became Jane Blonde, a sensational spylet. The story could not really happen but it was easy to follow the plot and it was very entertaining because the story bulit to a climax. There was a great ending to the story. It was also very hard to put the book down. I got into trouble once when I was reading under the covers at night-time but it was worth it!

I could picture the characters in my mind and every-one had a  different personality which made it interesting.

I think that the Jane Blonde book is to entertain people rather than give information. I would recommend children my age to read the Jane Blonde “Senational Spylet”book. I am really glad that I read it because I like spy books so it is my type of book.

In conclusion, I personally think that Jane Blonde “Sensational Spylet” is a great book and I would love to read the whole series.

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